Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6th 2011 - A Day to Remember

Today Kurtis was ordained a Priest and Kyle was made an Elder.
Erick ordained both.
Jim & Claudia came down, Kristin & Justin and Kasey & Shawn all came to church with us and participated in the ordination with Bishop Nickerson and Howard Jones from the Stake. This is a day to remember for sure!

Kurtis made a couple of wooden spatula's in wood class and used his birthday gift to fancy them up.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wood Family Reunion Pictures

What a good lookin' bunch.

Erick and dad discussing the block wall.

A lot of hard work, but it looks so good.

Good Soup Mitch and Deb.

Catching a ride back from the scavenger hunt.

The best lookin' scavenger hunting team, Mine!

Looked like a used car lot there is so many of us now.
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I am finally caught up.

Kimbers 20th Birthday

All Kimber wanted to do for her Birthday was to go camping. So we loaded up the trailer and headed up Cedar Canyon.
We ate Lasagna and french bread for dinner and of course had cake and ice cream.
We watched 17 miracles and listened and watched the storm into the night.

Zions overlook

We went to Panguitch lake the next day to fish, picnic and do a few geocaches

Nice view of the lake from one of the caches.

Great American Stampede Parade and Fishin'

Kurtis and his friends were able to lead out in the parade.

Kyle got to drive the Pooper Scooper Cart. This is a little different then riding the fire truck.

We went fishing and had a picnic but it was so cold and windy we cut the trip short.
Jacy is always good for entertaining us all though.

Jacy learning the fine art of flying and dipping

Kurtis decided to teach Jacy a new skill. She liked it.

Kyle wanted to have an important impact on Jacy's future too. He taught her how to dip her french fries. Not just dip them but acquire the taste for Fry Sauce.

"This is sooo good!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Monday...

Geocache at the Iron County Fair Grounds

We went back up Parowan Canyon and left a geocache near Kurtis' Eagle Project for FHE.

Uummmm. I can still see you! Finding a good place for the cache.

Heading back to the truck. We are lucky to get to watch Jacy on Mondays while the Smiths work.

Erick had a tag for a cow elk, land owners tag.
He and Kyle got out of the truck to decide where to start and a 4 point bull, a couple of calves and this cow came through only 20 yards from the road. That's what happens when you skip hunting on Sunday. It gets delivered almost like a gift. We are truly blessed!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kurtis' Eagle Court of Honor

Erick welcomed everyone and talked. He told of the work put into the project Kurtis completed.
He built and installed the benches for an amphitheater to be used to teach children about nature.

Grandpa Cox talked.
 Kurtis gave him his 4th mentor pin. He and Claudia have been a great support to our boys in their scouting.
Kyle read the Eagle Challenge and told Kurtis how proud he is of him.

Brother Jonathon Stathis (both boys scout leader) awarding Kurtis his Eagle.

The Eagles Nest

Of course, to finish off the day we headed to Panguich Lake to fish.
As always Grandma caught a slew of fish.

Kristin and Kimber caught their share, while Kurtis snorkeled along the shore.

The guys in the boat actually caught fish big enough to keep.
Way to go Kyle, Justin, Grandpa, Erick and Bishop Nickerson.

It was a beautiful day!
Thanks to all the family and friends for supporting Kurtis.